As we are ushering in our nation's Bicentennial, there appear to be many in our country who are questioning the celebration and expressing dampened enthusiasm due to the economic hardships that seem to abound in America and elsewhere. Daily, as we read or listen to the news, we hear of "inflation," "recession," "lowering of the gold standard," "the high unemployment figures," "famine, drought and starvation in many parts of the world," and so forth. Truly, these appear to be "times of crisis"; many have even compared our current state to that of the Great Depression of the 1930s. If there are any similarities, it would behoove those of us familiar with the clairvoyant readings of Edgar Cayce to turn to the insights afforded us in these readings for effectively dealing with economic crisis. Because so many people both during and after the Depression asked questions dealing with solutions to their financial and material concerns, a wealth of practical suggestions for effecting "economic healing" can be found in these readings. The theoretical insights, as well as the practical suggestions, offer us much knowledge, hope, and inspiration by which we can encounter these times.

I first became interested in researching this particular area in the Edgar Cayce readings during August of 1974. I had just returned from a sabbatical trip abroad, and, due to the inflated prices in Europe, the trip had cost much more than anticipated. Concurrently, the speakers' committee at the local A.R.E. council polled the Study Group members to gather their suggestions for topics to be researched and presented at the monthly workshops. One of the topics most often selected was "economic healing." Since I had a month off from school, was "broke," and felt in need of an economic healing, the committee agreed that I was a "qualified" candidate to research and present the workshop. I have benefited greatly from the information found in the Edgar Cayce readings, and, through applying many of the concepts discussed in this article, I personally have experienced the desired economic healing; so too have several other members of our Study Group. By applying the same ideas at the level of the local council, the budget has gone from broke in January to a most ample balance in four months. Also, our council enacted numerous successful fund-raising events for the A.R.E. Library Fund. Because many of us feel the impact of applying the laws of prosperity discussed in the readings, we feel the desire to share our research and enlightenment with other seekers.

This article will be written primarily from a first person point of view, but without the help of my husband and several other local Study Group members who shall remain anonymous (and receive their reward in heaven), there would be no story to share and no article in which to share the "enlightenment."

Because questions concerning financial matters were asked frequently throughout Edgar Cayce's psychic career, the present attempt has been to select only the more clear and dramatic quotes and to present them in a format that reveals an organized context in which economic healing may be approached. A theoretical framework will be presented first and will provide the appropriate basis for the more "practical" approaches enumerated in the latter part of the article. Interspersed throughout will be relevant Biblical references as well as anecdotal material from people who have applied the laws.