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Well, I finally got the Peace Pilgrim Interviews DVD done. I took old videotapes of interviews with Peace Pilgrim, and compiled them onto a DVD. And with the kind help of about 30 volunteer translators around the world, it now has subtitles in Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and French, as well as English. I found the translators through Translations for Progress, and for anyone needing pro bono translations for worthy, non-commercial projects, this is a fantastic clearinghouse.

The DVD project took me somewhat over a year, and is now available through Friends of Peace Pilgrim. (The PP Interviews DVD item is not yet [as of 4 December 2008] mentioned on the website or in the Offering Sheet PDF, but it is available.)

I had read that replication services used to require digital tapes for DVD masters. But I don't have the capability to make a digital tape. So I was relieved to hear that the replicator service found my DVD-R useable as a master.

I'll tell you though, it takes some effort to make a useable DVD, with good clear menus, workable navigation, and that actually plays reliably on a variety of players. It is all too easy, for example, to send a DVD player off into logic limbo, where it has no idea what to do next. Or to create a nice menu or video clip, and neglect to link to it. Then it's on the DVD, but no one knows it's there unless maybe they inspect the directories using a computer DVD drive. Or to, for various technical reasons (at least I think they were technical), create DVDs that just don't work very well. Anyway, when I got word back that the replicator said my DVD was good, I was happy!

Originally I had thought of putting the ISO of the DVD up here on my little website so that people could download it and burn their own DVDs, but I just realized (after I started the upload!) that that is not going to happen. Because the ISO is 4.13 GB, and my website disk limit is 1.0 GB. Oh well; nice thought.

But I did post some small WMVs of the interviews for the use of the translators, and I can give you access to those. If you decide you want the actual DVD, which is distributed gratis, just ask FoPP. Each video clip is a small, web-friendly 320 x 240. Well, filesizes are small compared to the 4.13 GB ISO anyway.

Peace Pilgrim Interviews

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This is a human interest story done by P.M. Magazine for TV. Smooth and watchable.
Good Peace Pilgrim content. Studio interview.
Good Peace Pilgrim content. Studio interview.
Good Peace Pilgrim content. Selected studio footage of Peace Pilgrim talking.

   --Miles Odonnol