27 February, 2007         --Miles from NeiHu          ->>DOWNLOAD<< THE EXCEL FILE (122KB)

Here's the super simple Excel dopesheet that I recently made up for stop motion animation.

I realize that I have probably reinvented the wheel (again), but here it is in case anyone else might find it useful.

The benefit is that Excel does the frame numbers pretty automatically. That was the main point, cause I'm lazy about writing numbers. So I adjust my NLE software timeline to pure frames, and I'm good to go.

This x-sheet template shows 30fps, with 6 seconds on a page. Ten pages adds up to a minute, or 1800 frames. You could take the green bars off the 30s and put em on 24s if you wanted. [Select cell > format > cells > patterns] And change to, say, 144 frames per page. It'd be easy enough to add columns for this n that. Watch the numbering though. First page is straight stuff numbering; following pages all depend on previous page. Look at the formulas on any page afer page one if you want to make adjustments. The great thing about Excel is for straight numbering, like, say a column starting with 49, 50, etc., all you need is to fill in 49, then 50 below it, select the two, then drag the little lower righthand plus down as far as you want, Excel does the drudgery! Similarly, on following pages, get one dependent cell right [e.g., =SUM('6secP (1)'!A1+144)], and you can drag that single sucker across as many cells as you like. Great.

On this sample xsheet, I circled the dialog in pink.